Missing this lovely Vermut - Marti Serda, El Bandarra. I can’t wait for lovely sunny and warm summer to be out with a glass of them in my hand.

Vermut rosso in a short glass

Well at least someone is enjoying being home all the time! Skippy is having a blast.

Skippy, ginger cat sleeping in brown sofa

We had a little bit of TLC this afternoon, made some delicious coffee, had a wonderful danish cherry pastry and listened to Michael Kiwanuka. Work still hectic and very stressful but hopefully it will get more manageable next week.

Black coffee on a dinner mug with cherry danish pastry on a warm brown plate and teak table.

Record cover of Kiwanuka.

We’ve just come out of Everyman Cinema after having watched ‘Parasite’ and there’s no words to describe how amazing the film was. It was absolutely breathtaking, haven’t seen something so thrilling and provocative in a long time.

Very excited to try on Saturday this new coffee from Origin called San Fermin, promises a lovely flavour profile of Orange Sherbet, Caramel and Berries. Can’t wait to see how it tastes on the Moccamaster and also AeroPress.

Bag of coffee next to orange moccamaster

Really missed this coffee during the week, we bought this delicious bag from the guys at Square Mile a couple of weeks ago, it’s now at the top of my fav list but it has gone out of season :-( Any recommendations?

Bag of beans from Square Mile called Las Brisas

Tuesday was a brilliant day too, spent most of the day in Testaccio and stocked ourselves with nice treats from the market. No trip is complete without making a visit to a local market. Rome, we will miss you.

Nice cake pastry with cream

Market with lots of greens, lettuces and bitter italian leaves

Market with peppers and nice red and green tomatoes

Market with roman artichokes

Tiny italian espresso

Monday started well, delicious breakfast and trot to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Wine and incredible food was also a feature of this day.

Delicious cake for breakfast with nice cream

Side picture of the Coliseum

Interior of the Colosseum

Interior of Roman Forum

Interior of Roman Forum

Ashtonishing interior of the roman forum with big pilars

Interior of Roman Forum

Lovely wine bar with lots of nice warm colours and wine bottles in the background

Spaguetti carbonara

Roman artichokes

On our second day in Rome we visited modern art gallery, Maxxi which had a really cool exhibition about architecture and modern buildings called “At home”, made friends at a local enoteca and also had delicious food in Testaccio.

Exhibition in Maxxi gallery

Nice glass of red wine