Very much needed Oxygene this Sunday morning. This album completely transport you somewhere else with this futuristic sound.

Record laying on top of record player

So, this happened, this little one came to live with us! Her name is Marga 🐈‍⬛

Black cat with white chest sitting on a green velvet chair looking up to the camera.

Forgot to share this lovely coffee that we had from Pharmacie Roasters from Hove during Christmas. It’s from Ywangan in Myanmar, it was packed with delicious blueberries leaving you with a really hefty mouthfeel, no doubt it’s on my favourite list!

brown coffee cup and saucer next to the christmas tree

Just enjoyed another film from Pedro Almodóvar, ‘Los amantes pasajeros’ (or I’m So Excited! as it’s the English title). I feel like on a way this is the kind of films that put him on the map, it seems to have lots of controversy, as I can see on the reviews but if you want a silly comedy to spend a good Friday afternoon, this one won’t disappoint you.

Tonight, we’ve watched Moonstruck, just like every year at Christmas and just like always it was magical. “It’s Cosmo’s moon! The Moon that I was talking about, at dinner…”, “In that light, with that expression on your face, you look about 25 years old.” ✨💫