Our lovely friends visited Copenhagen last month and bought us back lovely Ethiopian coffee from Coffee Collective and what can I say? It’s delicious. I had their coffee a couple of years back when I was there and it’s super nice, good to enjoy it in the comfort of home.

Don’t believe I’ve shared this picture before, without doubt this cake played a very important ritual growing up. It’s called “Roscón de Reyes” and we eat it on Three Kings Day (6th Jan), signifies for me the very end of Christmas.

Our lovely Christmas tree still up, we are keeping with Spanish traditions another year and not taking down our decorations until the 6th.

Good Morning 2020 🎉 Starting the morning with some of this delicious Columbian washed coffee “El porvenir” from Kofra in Norwich.

What a lovely day out yesterday in our favourite place, Margate. It’s always a delight to go to the seaside in the winter.

On a day with a low moral like today after the terrible result of yesterday’s election, nothing better than looking at heart warming pictures of Skippy being silly!

Nice afternoon at the RA visiting the last exhibition of Antony Gormley it was great! Totally recommended :-)

Our little Skippy is going to the vet this morning for a scan and he’s so grumpy as he doesn’t understand why breakfast hasn’t arrived yet. It’s always heart breaking as he was left to starve before he came to live with us.

These last few days in Hanoi have been magical, we went back to our favourite places and indulge ourselves with our favourite food and fun bia hoi’s. We discovered new areas and saw a different side of this bustling city.

Back in Hanoi, it was impossible not to have Bun cha for breakfast today. Barbecue pork is my new way of doing breakfast!

After a short trip we left Ninh Binh and got into an overnight train to Da Nang to then stay in Hoi An. We had a lovely time in the beach, hotel and also stayed away from the tourist attractions in town, after all it was mega relaxing! Now back to Hanoi ✈️

Went on our three hour boat ride along Tràng An, the scenery it was from a film, so raw, vibrant and beautiful. Hard to describe the sense of tranquility that you could feel as you go through temples and caves. Magical 😊

Awesome views after a very very very very very hot 🔥(I can’t stress it enough) walk to Hang Múa!

We are staying in this incredible apartment overlooking at a Lotus Field, looks magical and just unreal!