We’ve just watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Mubi, what a great film! Gentle, mouth-watering and just filled with incredible sense of passion for what they do and know best, sushi.

Thinking about this delicious cinnamon bun we had this week. It pairs very well with my Elvis Reinerio Tineo from Curve Roasters without doubt will be having it again soon!

Cinnamon bun on a brown plate next to my MacBook Air and a nice cup of coffee.

Every time I play this album surprises me. I start with “logical song” and I think, oh yes ok this is good and then 10 mins later you stumble across “Breakfast in America” and those instrumental pieces, just wow. Great way to start a Sunday.

Cover of Breakfast in America from Supertramp

This week we made “Saffron-Spiked Ratatouille with Eggs” from Anna Jones that my lovely partner @annab picked. Another time Anna Jones has proved me wrong, some of her recipes might seen convoluted and long but they’re freaking tasty, that’s for sure.

Saffron-Spiked Ratatouille with Eggs on a traybake

Out for my hour of government authorised outside fun, walking on a park nearby. The sky was so blue and bright today, it’s a shame we have to stay inside!

Sunset coming down the park with nice view of the lake.

Here’s Skippy feeling sorry for himself because he had a cold for the last two weeks.

ginger cat sleeping on the bed

The guys at Grey Seal Coffee from the coast of Norfolk sent us today this awesome chocolatey coffee from El Salvador. I’m very excited to try it on my MoccaMaster and see what secrets holds.

So happy to be wearing today my lovely “A bigger splash” t-shirt from Printed Goods. I can’t wait until this is over to find a sunny patch and just feel the sun in my face 😌

White t shirt laying down on the table.