Just thinking about how delicious was this recipe from Diana Henry ‘North African seven vegetable couscous’ that we had a few weeks back. Full of colours, it just reminds me of so many stews that we had growing up and the similarities with Andalucian cuisine.

Stew in a green bowl over a wooden table

Just like that the week is nearly over, nothing beats Sketches of Spain from Miles Davis on a Thursday night.

Miles Davis album overlapping my Rega turntable

Earlier on this week we went to our favourite sea side retreat, we had an awesome day walking along the sea, eating delicious food and having a cup of delicious filter coffee, what else can you ask for?

Anna walking on the sea, low tide blue skiesSand with annas black boots and brown jacket as we walk along the seaSea bream on a paprika butter with rosemary on top in a white platereflection of the sun on the sandsun coming down on the sea shore

As part of our family tradition, we’ve got our first pies of the year at Goddards. We started doing this around 3 years ago and it’s my favourite thing of Autumn. They might not look so photogenic but trust me, they are delicious.

Steak and ale pie with mash

Yesterday we managed to get a little bit of a break from work and home stuff, we went to stare at the sea and had a delicious lunch. For sure if we can, we need more seaside trips.

Sea and pebblesFalafel wrap with pomegranate juice

Goodbye my little Skippy, you’ve been the absolute best friend, we will always remember you. Wherever you are now, we love you.

skippy the cat sleeping in the bedskippy and toy mouseskippy sitting on the sofa

Just thinking about how nice it was our last dip in Brighton last week. It was a mega fun day out, having a picnic and jumping in and out of the water.

Calm blue sea with pebbles

🎵🎶 > La playa estaba desierta
el mar bañaba tu piel.
Cantando con mi guitarra
para ti,
Maria Isabel.

In this very warm day, I’m listening to Los Payos - Maria Isabel and feeling a bit nostalgic about my childhood summers.