Today, lovely Niçoise salad which is also a total star for a summer day like today.

Niçoise salad on doorstep

Yesterday’s lovely lunch outside, @annab made this delicious salad from Bon Appétit, we will be repeating again soon! It was just the perfect recipe for a nice hot sunny day.

Salad on doorstep

Thinking about yesterday’s lovely views from Blythe Hill Fields.

Views to London's Canary Water tall buildings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, been incredible busy at work and in the personal I’ve just moved to a new home. After a week of having been here, it’s nice to have a slow Sunday, drink some delicious coffee from Carnival and have a delicious toast of tomate.

Toast with tomato, coffee and orange juice on a brown wood table

Throwback to last year visit to Teteria Almedina back in my home town of Almería. I really hope we get to enjoy another meal in this place soon.

couscous meal with lamb in a tangine

Today, I made my first Japanese Iced Coffee and it was absolutely delicious, it will be making it again for sure.

We’ve just watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Mubi, what a great film! Gentle, mouth-watering and just filled with incredible sense of passion for what they do and know best, sushi.

Thinking about this delicious cinnamon bun we had this week. It pairs very well with my Elvis Reinerio Tineo from Curve Roasters without doubt will be having it again soon!

Cinnamon bun on a brown plate next to my MacBook Air and a nice cup of coffee.

Every time I play this album surprises me. I start with “logical song” and I think, oh yes ok this is good and then 10 mins later you stumble across “Breakfast in America” and those instrumental pieces, just wow. Great way to start a Sunday.

Cover of Breakfast in America from Supertramp